Two in One Day!?!

It must be a rare day indeed when I actually put forth enough effort to complete two blog entries in one week, let alone one day! But it’s been a day of overall weirdness so this just keeps with that theme, I guess. Texas experienced a total whiteout! Well, by Texas standards, anyway. I think we got about 4 inches of snow here in my town, and I believe as much as 7 inches just to the north of us. The shock and amazement was evident everywhere, as businesses closed up shop and the schools kicked the kids out early. To add to the ridiculousness, one of the local DJs was talking about having to cease broadcasting if they kept it up. What can I say, Texas just isn’t known for snow country.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have my camera with me to take the photos of all the neighbors, kids and grownups alike, outside having snowball wars and building snowpeople.  The Girl doesn’t like the sexist term “snowmen” and will correct me at every opportunity that it is just as possible for those things to be girls. So we have since altered the verbage to avoid the argument. But I digress. I think as we drove through our sleepy little town, we counted something crazy like 30 snowpeople and several huge mounds of snow that might have been used as some sort of fortress for snowball fights. I did get a few shots with the Point and Shoot of the kids’ snowpeople in the backyard, but that will have to wait until a later date… who knows, maybe tomorrow? Yeah, I’d better not get ahead of myself.

So why the second post today? I don’t know, maybe I’m just happy that I get to sleep in tomorrow since the schools are all on a two hour delayed start which means I’m on a two hour delayed start and can stay up these extra precious 3o minutes or so. Or maybe it’s because I had a little too much iced tea at dinner and can’t sleep.  Or maybe it’s because I got a new lens last week and am starting to explore some of what I can do with it and thought I’d share in my newfound macro bliss.

As I previously mentioned, oh, twenty or thirty times now, I picked up a Bee-yew-tee-ful Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro. No, it’s not the IS version but the IS really doesn’t matter to me and the price tag was sufficiently less for this one. I have seen what it is capable of with other photographers’ images and have been coveting this lens since I got the dSLR.

What I am learning now with macros is how completely amazing the depth of field is! I disagree with some people who say the only way to shoot in macro photography is with a smaller aperture. I admit it’s tricky, trickier than any kind of “normal” photography I’ve been doing thusfar, but I find I am really enjoying this challenge – not to mention, I have actually been using that DOF preview button on the camera that up until now have never had the desire nor need to press. I have taken a couple of pictures with the lens wide open and have found that being so close up the DOF gives the image an almost unreal effect and something I find way cool. Others may not, but I don’t really care and since this is my blog I’ll put whatever I want to up here. So there.

The other thing I’m finding is that the image quality with this lens is such that I don’t feel any real need to do much post-processing. I could go on and on about how long I’ve owned Photoshop and how little I actually use it, but instead, I’ll just put up a couple of pictures since this is supposed to be a photoblog of sorts and not just me rambling on and on and on…

A Less-Ugly Dandelion

ISO 400, SS 1/400, f/2.8 cropped and some exposure adjustments in ACR

Wind Chime

ISO 400, 1/100, f/2.8 Cropped and boosted contrast in PS


~ by Wendy on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Two in One Day!?!”

  1. I think you are rocking that macro lens! Love the heart one!

    P.S. I’ll let you play with the 70-200 if I get to play with it! 😉

  2. But of course!! 😀

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